Alpha 2.1 - Out now!

It's been a little while since I've posted an update, but this is a big one. The rules book alone is another 50 pages bigger! This is largely focused on aesthetic updates, making the book easier to read, run and play, as well as some mechanical tweaks for simplifying rules.

Alpha 2.1 Changelog

  • Several new sections have been added, including a start-to-finish Creating a Character section, a players guide, a GM's guide and a cheat-sheet of tables with names for characters, inns and ships (which will be expanded over the next few releases).

  • The Rulebook has been divided into 4 chapters. The Basics - a brief overview of the game, The Game - details rules, How to Play - including the new guides and the example of play, and the Setting. New players can start by reading the basics, diving into the full rules as and when they need them.
  • Most if not all of the sections have been expanded or cut down depending on what was needed.
  • Graphical updates to the Sheets and Rulebook. This is an ongoing process - I'm slowly working my way through the whole book adding graphics, adjusting layout and rewording clunky sections of text. Here's a couple of examples!

  • The Map has now been completely reworked. I've added a few towns in certain locations where certain Victorians might find themselves in the middle of nowhere for longer than makes sense. I'll be adding landmarks like castles, lighthouses & certain huge clocks over the coming updates. It's also now downloadable as a high res JPG for easier editing.
  • The Example of play has been expanded to include an example of the Journey Action that leads to the encounter, along with an example of how the map works during play.

Mechanical Changes

  • Risky Critical Fails, Desperate Fails and Desperate Critical Fails on an Encounter Action may now confer multiple consequences.
  • Journey Actions have been reworked. How you much you succeed at an action is dictated by the highest result the group gets. A Mixed result and a Critical Success now have suggested bonuses or penalties for each type of action. Resource setbacks have also been removed, as this is covered by the new measure of success. 

  • Crafting new items has been replaced with jury-rigging. You can no longer craft new items using the supplies you find, only modify an existing item to improve its purpose, or give it a new one. If you need something, Search the map for it.
  • Cities now span multiple hexes on the map. When you're searching for something specific inside a city, it's up to the GM where exactly in the city it is, and you might have to spend time locating where exactly it is before you can find it.

Feedback & Comments

Are you playing a game of As the Sun Forever sets? Did you finish one? I really wanna hear about how it went, so I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to fill out the feedback form. If you had fun, I'd also appreciate a positive review here!

I've been working on this game for almost a year now, and I'm super excited with the response so far! Thanks so much to everyone who's grabbed a copy of the game, this time last year I had no idea an overly excited group chat conversation would turn into a real thing you can play.

TLDR: Update big, get it now!

Thanks for reading!  ♥

– Riley

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