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As the Sun Forever Sets is a Survival Horror Hexcrawl about interpersonal conflict and survival, inspired by The War of the Worlds. We play a group of ordinary Victorian people embroiled in the chaos of the British Empire, as it collapses under the overwhelming weight of an invasion from Mars. After 15 days, the Martians succumb to the micro-organisms of Earth – long eradicated from the Red Planet. You must survive until then.

The end is all but certain and the day cannot be saved. You’ll live your everyday life until everything falls apart, then struggle to survive the unfolding war until you escape, die, or it all ends, leaving behind a changed world.

Beyond survival, each character has their own goals and motivations. Are you aiming for a way to escape this cursed island? Are you building a shelter to ride out this unwinnable war? Do you have a mission ‒ something so important that it must be completed, regardless of everything? Maybe you're driven to rescue something important, or someone dear? Maybe you're writing a book about all of this. We play to find out what happens.

“How incredible that it is the beginning of the new century! Scarcely one year ago I, like many of you, was a citizen of the largest Empire humanity has ever built; a fact that prior to the events of that darkly metamorphic June, had flitted in and out of my mind as thoughtlessly as the state of the weather. Like you, I now stand in the ruin of that collapsed Empire, remembering the days during which I lived in flight and terror; remembering what it was to count life by the second. For all the unspeakable death and horror the Martians wrought in those 20 short days, perhaps we should be grateful for the harsh lesson in humanity; the seemingly miraculous chance to see the cruel nature of our ways, and the opportunity to mend them. Once those dread invaders fell, it is inconceivable that one could look upon a crowd and not feel gratitude for each individual person in it; to not think ‘How wonderful it is, the breadth of experience in human life!’ Where once we may have looked for weakness and profit, we must now see the inherent value of life itself, in all its forms; we must uplift and protect one another. And in doing so, we shall better the whole of humankind."

A selection from a pamphlet published July 1900, entitled “The New Century - A Year of Relief from Martian Terror.” - Author Unknown

Marley talks about As the Sun Forever Sets on the Inside the Table Podcast (0:26:24)


Cover Illustration by Morrighan Corbel.

Interior Illustrations by Alvim Corrêa from the 1906 edition of The War of the Worlds by HG Wells.

Blades in the Dark™ is a trademark of One Seven Design. The Forged in the Dark Logo is © One Seven Design, and is used with permission.

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Is this no longer available for download? I picked this up in the Trans Rights for Texas bundle last year, but my downloads page says there's nothing available. I assume the version here was withdrawn as its due to be published via Evil Hat?


Yes, that's right. However when the game is done and published you'll be able to claim a copy!


oh, that's fantastic, thanks for the update

Will we be informed via the itch page due to an update of the game or how would it work? Not sure if you know this yet, I am just curious.


Oh I have no idea. It'll be worked out closer to the final release from Evil Hat.

Just out of curiosity, are there plans to add Scotland to the map?


Yes, it's one of the things I'm working on at the moment!

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Are the PCs required to be British, or can they be Americans traveling abroad?

No, they can be anyone!


I didn't know how badly I wanted to see the British Empire fall until I read this game. Playing it gave me the same sort of schadenfreude I experience when the wealthy fuck up in public. As the Sun Forever sets is an absolute triumph, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.


So i've been on a FitD reading binge, and stumbled across this... it's crazy to think this is still in alpha as the graphic design is so slick: stylish and clean! This alpha is better-looking than most completed games out there!

I've only skimmed so far, but the vibes are pulling me in and setting the right grim mood. Just looking at the play sheets, it's saying old school hexcrawl + Rimworld/Fallout Shelter, all harmonised through FitD-style rules. Excited to dig in!


the Miro link is really cool!

It's been a great way to run the game online, I'm glad you like it 😄


I'm always so thankful when games have great online tools


Is there a discord I could join for this game? I'd love to discuss it with others

Yes! You can find it here!


I picked this up in the Ukraine bundle and I have to say it's my favorite of the set so far. You really have something special here and it comes through in the writing, mechanics and the design. 

I can't wait to give it a play

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Thank you so much! Let me know how your game goes 😊.