Alpha 2.21

Some kind folk on the ATSFS discord pointed out a few errors, so here's a little update which has a few bonus aesthetic changes! 

Alpha 2.21 Changelog

Rules PDF:

  • Reformatted tables.
  • Corrected Various spelling mistakes and incorrect references.
  • Expanded explanation of Goodwill.
  • Removed references to War Rolls.
  • Rewrote Special Encounters to reflect addition of Turns.
  • Added description of how Protect & Betray affect Goodwill.
  • Exported at a lower DPI for smaller filesize.


  • Corrected spelling mistakes on Storm Journey Sheet.

- Riley ❤


Rules & Setting Document (Alpha 2.21) 106 MB
May 01, 2022
Play Sheets & Map (Alpha 2.21) 15 MB
May 01, 2022

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