Alpha 3 – Out Now!

Alpha 3 is here! It changes a lot of stuff, including tweaks to the fundamentals to streamline a bunch of systems while making them more intuitive and flexible to use. But fancy pictures first!

Firstly, the cover art is new complete! It really just speaks for itself, it's so good! Morrighan Corbel really knocked it out of the park, go check out her work, everything she does has an unnerving haunting quality to it, which made her a perfect fit for this. 

Secondly, the sheets have all been tweaked and redesigned, with the rules reference sheets completely redone to make them more useful during play whilst also being a lot clearer.

Finally, there's a whole new reference section in the back of the book, with a bunch of tables for creating Characters, Events, Locations and the types of things you'll find in them.

Alpha 3 Changelog


  • Updated rules reference sheets to be clearer, and divided them up into player and narrator reference.


  • Storm Actions are now called Plans.
  • Encounter Actions are now just Actions.
  • Setbacks are now called Events. Minor, Severe and Grave setbacks are now Opportunities, Setbacks and Crises.
  • Luck rolls are now Chance Rolls.
  • All rolls are now classed as Moves.

The Basics

  • The Book has been re-organised and reformatted for clarity.
  • New Play Reference section with details for NPCS, Locations, the world and the things you'll find in it.
  • The Differences to Blades in the Dark section has been removed (there's too many to keep track of now!)
  • The Miro link has been updated with all the changes, so you'll need to re-duplicate the board.

Examples of Play

  • A new Example of Play - The Dairy Farm - has been added as a tone piece for the game.
  • The original Example of Play has been re-written, with sidebars explaining how the story takes it's course.

Character Creation & The Calm

  • You now define the majority of your traits during the Prologue whilst detailing your characters past.
  • Goals have now been simplified.


  • Action Ratings have been removed.
  • Plans, Actions and Reflexes now use your Traits as a basis for the amount of dice you roll, and have been simplified.
  • You now mark your Traits in place of advancement, which happens on any Plan, Action or Reflex roll.
  • When characters argue or players disagree, you now make a Feud roll to determine whose decision is final.


  • You can now resist consequences by either using your Reflexes, Betraying someone, or by spending Fortune for a Stroke of Luck.
  • You no longer get Exhausted or have Nightmares when you reach 5 Fatigue or Disquiet. When you fill your Fatigue or Disquiet, you now mark a point of Exhaustion or Despair and reset the Fatigue/Disquiet meter. Exhaustion and Despair reduce the amount of Fatigue and Disquiet you're able to mark, and cause Collapse and Nightmares. When you have 3 Exhaustion or Despair, filling Fatigue or Disquiet will cause you to become Resigned. If you can't be rescued, you'll be lost.
  • Slight and Severe injuries now confer a dice penalty to all rolls. You may also exert yourself and take assistance for all rolls.

The Storm & The Group

  • You now gain 4 Fatigue at nightfall. You don't consume food automatically, and must cook at camp. The amount of Fatigue you restore depends on the amount of food you cook as part of the meal.
  • Instead of Guiding to mark advancement, you now mark Traits. You can also no longer develop new traits, you must be taught one that an another character has.
  • Transports have been re-worked to have a set Size, and Traits that dictate their qualities.
  • Companions have been re-worked to have their own Goals and Approaches.
  • You now mark companions Will at certain triggers, along with how you would normally mark them on assistance/reconciling at camp, etc.


  • Events are now more freeform. There's guidelines for creating them and what they should entail, as well as a more detailed list of rollable example tables in the back of the book for creating them.
  • Events can no longer be resisted.

As always, come join us on the Discord if you wanna learn more or find people to play with! I'll be organising a game or two in the future, as well as workshops on how to run the game.

Thanks for reading ❤.

- Riley

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