Alpha 3 Progress Report

It's incredibly hot in the UK right now, so between lying in front of the fan and desperately trying to persuade my cat to drink literally any water, here's an update on where the game is at.

The next version will be Alpha 3, and to be honest Alpha 2.2 had so many changes that probably should've been Alpha 3, but ah well we're here now shrug emoji.

Playtesting & Revisions

Playtesting continues as ever! Some of the bigger changes that will be coming include:

  • Reframing Setbacks as Encounters to give tables better prompts while making them more freeform.
  • Revising Companions to work more neatly with the players Accord and their own Goals.
  • Revising Transport to be more freeform, with a wider variety of benefits and drawbacks.
  • Reworking Exhaustion, Nightmares & Panic to make players more survivable (at a cost).

Again, there's way more little changes than I can count, and I'll post a full changelog here when Alpha 3 is out.

Play Reference Section

This version will include a bunch of rollable tables and references for things like NPCS, Encounters, Locations etc that you might find along your journey. I'm hoping this will make coming up with ideas with these quickly during games and speed up play. Here's a few examples:

Cover Art

Lastly, here's a preview of the cover art by the wonderful Morrighan Corbel. Her work is so ethereally spooky and wonderfully rendered, so I was super pleased that she was up for working on this! What she's come up with is so great and I'm really excited for you all to see it when Alpha 3 releases. Please go and check out her work, it's all amazing.

Thanks for reading! ❤

— Riley

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