Alpha 2.2 – Out Now!

Alpha 2.2 is here! This update makes a lot of gameplay tweaks, particularly to Character Creation and the core gameplay loop, based on the past 4 months of playtesting. This is a big changelog, so be warned.

It includes a completely reworked Prologue and Epilogue, making the beginning and the end of the game way more freeform and fun.

Along with these, every sheet has been reworked to make things clearer and nicer looking, and I've added a bunch of reference sheets to make playing the game quicker and easier.

The PDF in this version contains a link to a Miro board made for playing As The Sun Forever Sets over Discord (or other voice chat apps). It contains all of the sheets ready to use. Miro is free, so all you need to do is make an account.

The Rules PDF has also been uploaded as Singles, as well as Spreads. The new sheets have been uploaded without background graphics too, to save you some ink if you're printing them out.

Alpha 2.2 Changelog


  • Reformatted most existing Sheets.
  • Graphical updates to all sheets.
  • Added another Group Sheet with clocks Safety Tools and space for Lines, Veils and Hopes.
  • Added Reference Sheets for the GM and the 3 game phases.


  • The Prologue is now called The Calm.
  • The Journey is now called The Storm.
  • The Epilogue is now called The Wake.
  • Journey Actions are now called Storm Actions.
  • Progressive Injuries are now called Infected Injuries.
  • Resistance Rolls are now called Reflex Rolls.

Character Creation:

  • Player Characters start with 2 Traits, instead of 3.
  • Players mark Goodwill depending on their relationship to that player, rather than their Class.
  • Instead of marking Possessions during character creation, they now mark 2 Trinkets. Their possessions are determined by a roll at the end of The Calm instead.

The Calm:

  • Completely reworked phase to allow for more open ended roleplay.
  • Characters now define their groups Fortune and their Possessions at the end of The Calm with an Action roll.


  • Disquiet, Fatigue & Goodwill have been combined into Will, which is a 12 step meter. Whenever you would mark any of these 3 stats, mark them as Willing instead. When it hits 0, they leave.


  • Accords may now be changed without spending Fortune, as long as the Group are not in an Encounter.
  • The wording of each accord has been slightly tweaked.


  • Added Infected injuries to the consequence table.

Encounters & Setbacks:

  • The GM only counts the Lowest result when implementing Setbacks, rather than anything 5 and under.
  • The GM may now mark Turns instead of implementing a Setback. They may spend these later to introduce additional setbacks (or make existing ones worse) regardless of the groups roll.
  • Added random roll tables for Setbacks.
  • Grave Setbacks may now result in the group losing control of their fate if not resolved.

Resisting Setbacks:

The ways players can resist setbacks have changed:

Before an Encounter

  • Delay Fate - The GM marks 1 Turn per level of severity resisted.
  • Good Fortune - The group spends 1 Fortune per level of severity resisted.

During an Encounter

  • Million-to-One - The GM marks 1 Turn and the group spends 1 Fortune per level of severity resisted.

Encounter Actions:

  • The Actions have been condensed from 12 to 9.
  • Traits no longer directly apply to Risk and Effect. The player may now pick between 3 bonuses (+1D, +effect or -1 Disquiet) on beneficial traits, and 3 penalties (-1D, -effect or +1 Disquiet) on disadvantageous traits.


  • Occupation traits have been removed.
  • Possessions can now be between 0 and 6 size, instead of 1 and 5. Size 0 Possessions are classed as Trinkets, and can be worn or carried in a pocket.
  • Inventory has been expanded, players now carry items In Hand, or Packed Away. Players may carry two small (size 0-2) possessions, or one large (3-6) possession in hand. Players may pack anything away, as long as it's Size 3 or lower.
  • Traits now have a 4 step clock associated with them. Where they are an advantage, the clock ticks up on a success and down on a fail. Where they are a disadvantage, the opposite is true. When a Trait's clock is filled, it's permanent and can't be removed. When it's emptied, remove the trait.
  • There are now 2 additional types of Goals for characters. Existing goals are now Heart Goals (Rescue someone or something, or complete some kind of binary objective). Mind and Soul goals are ongoing, and related to some effort of intellectual or emotional understanding. Players may change and mark goals whenever they feel like.

Death & Loss:

  • When a character can't be rescued, they now gain a Trait. If they don't have space to mark one, then they're Lost.
  • When a character dies, you gain or lose disquiet based on how much Goodwill you held with them.

The Storm:

  • The Storm has been divided into 5 sections with a description of what kind of state the country is in as a whole.
  • The War roll has been removed. You now mark hastings as Engaged equal to the Day (Day 1, mark 1. Day 2, mark 2, etc.)

Storm Actions:

  • Surveil is now named Watch.
  • Players may now Camp for up to 12 time.
  • Players may now split the group, or spend the same amount of time performing different actions on the same Hex.

Camping Actions:

  • Resting now only costs 1 Time per Fatigue regained.
  • Treating Injuries now requires medical supplies equal to the Injury's Severity.
  • A Critical Success when Treating an Injury now immediately reduces it 1 Level.
  • Multiple Players may now Reconcile with each other.
  • Players may now Practice to mark a Trait up or Down.

The Shelter:

  • Initial Fortification Cost reduced to 1.
  • The GM may now mark chambers or shafts as already fortified, or with interior rooms already in place.
  • Entrance now grants +2D to Camp (up from 1.)
  • Hide now grants +2D to Watch (up from 1.)
  • You may build up to 4 Bedrooms.
  • Kitchen, Infirmary, Workshop and Parlor now grant a +2D bonus, rather than +1 Result.
  • Bedrooms now grant +2 Fatigue recovery (up from 1.)

The Wake:

  • This now has a guidelines for roleplaying the epilogue of the game, dependant on the conditions under which the game ended.

People, Places & Things

  • Added a list of Occupations as well as Army/Navy/Police Ranks.

Playing the Game

  • Expanded this section to include more tips for players.

Running the Game:

  • Updated to include how to run The Calm and The Wake.
  • How to run The Storm has been expanded to include lasting consequences, and how to take the groups fate from them.

Thanks for reading ❤.

- Riley


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Apr 29, 2022
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