GHOULBOYS out now!

If you follow me on twitter, you might've seen I've been working on a new game as a side project while I've been taking a little break from As the Sun Forever Sets development.

Well, it's out!

If you like spooky stuff and nervous laughter, it might be for you!


GHOULBOYS is a short horror/comedy game for 3 players, designed for 1-shots or short campaigns. It's about amateur paranormal investigators hunting for ghosts in supposedly haunted locales, interpreting evidence and bullshitting with their friends.

Inspired by shows like Ghost Files, Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural, Phasmophobia and Most Haunted, you'll play as one of three classes:

  • The BELIEVER, trying to uncover evidence that the paranormal is real, and detail the nature of the supposed haunting.
  • ThE SCEPTIC, who believes that everything has a reasonable explanation, and the idea of ghosts is kinda funny. 
  • ThE PRODUCER, who’s recording this whole thing, and looking out for what the other two might miss.

EVERYONE will use their equipment & techniques to attempt to communicate with the other side, interpret the “evidence” you find and attempt to prove that ghosts are real (or not).


  • A GMless move-based "SOME DICE, NO MASTERS" system inspired by TTRPGS like Sleepaway and other Belonging Outside Belonging games.
  • What haunts these halls? Play to find out what caused the 5 LOCALES you'll visit to gain their haunted reputation, and what happened to the investigators that came before you.
  • Use your dice to communicate with the spirit realm with a variety of devices and techniques including spirit boxes, motion detectors, talking boards, seances and more.

If that sounds like fun, you can find it at

Thanks for reading!

- Riley ❤

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